Successful Leaders understand Self-Development

Successful leaders understand self-development…

A leader’s growth is dependent upon three things: mindset, desire and intentionality.
Leaders must establish the mindset necessary to stimulate their personal growth. Everyone has a limitation to their ability to influence others. This is what is referred to as his/her “leadership lid.” Raising this lid is as simple as recognizing a need to grow, and putting together a finite plan to achieve this growth. A suitable place to begin is by examining what you are reading. It has been said that leaders are readers. This is an absolute truth. The books a leader reads will directly impact his/her personal development.
Secondly, a leader’s desire to serve is a critical component for any self-development program. Whether one is attempting to learn a new skill, preparing for a major public speaking engagement, or simply preparing to implement change, a commitment to serving others is the necessary component for adding immense value and show that you are genuinely interested in the welfare of the individuals for whom you are presenting or working.
Lastly, intentionality is the foundation for self-development. Regardless of the industry within which one is working, s/he must be intentional about growing in the area(s) where s/he is lacking. Identifying these areas, and developing a plan of action for growing them can be the determinant for success of the personal development program.

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