Thoughtful Trendsetters

Thoughtful Trendsetters…

In a world of increasing automation, we often lose sight of the role that the human factor plays. While we like efficiency and immediate results, there is an innate desire to have meaningful connections with other humans. As this social platform becomes increasingly anti-social, the paradigm shifts toward automation.

However, companies that offer a genuine customer service experience still stand out. Leaders who make a personal and thoughtful connection to their followers cultivate a culture of loyalty. And leaders who are authentic and genuine repeatedly get the results they desire.

While automation certainly has its merits, we must never neglect human connection.

One may be the most efficient person in the world, yet not be able to compete with a machine when it comes to mechanical processes. You can, however, compete (and win) in the area of thoughtful connection.

Thought for the day:
Do you have a business which creates memorable customer experiences?
Does your team find ways to intentionally serve each other, your customers, and your partners?
Do you, as a leader, hide behind the e-mail veil, or do you make your presence known to your team, vendors and clients?
What trend are you and your organization setting?

Make the most of your team and your day by being authentic, thoughtful and intentional about WOWing customers and associates from the moment you meet them!

Have a great day!

The Foundations2Success Team


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