Thoughtful Trendsetters

Thoughtful Trendsetters… In a world of increasing automation, we often lose sight of the role that the human factor plays. While we like efficiency and immediate results, there is an innate desire to have meaningful connections with other humans. As this social platform becomes increasingly anti-social, the paradigm shifts toward automation. However, companies that offer a genuine customer

The Inner Circle

One of the laws of success is embedded with the idea of having a winning inner circle because a leader’s success and greatness comes from those who are closest to him.  Accomplishing goals as a leader isn’t always easy, but an intentionally chosen inner circle who believes in you and in your direction, can help

Successful Leaders understand Self-Development

Successful leaders understand self-development… A leader’s growth is dependent upon three things: mindset, desire and intentionality. Leaders must establish the mindset necessary to stimulate their personal growth. Everyone has a limitation to their ability to influence others. This is what is referred to as his/her “leadership lid.” Raising this lid is as simple as recognizing

Dealing With Toxic Managers…

Leaders need quality mangers who effectively manage employees, work to ensure the success of the organization, and keep the organization moving in a positive direction. It has been said that managers do the right things, however some managers who become apathetic in their positions become saboteurs (sometimes intentionally, others unintentionally). A toxic manager can subvert

Investing in others…

Welcome to foundations2success consulting where “Investing in People; Making Stronger-Healthier Organizations” is our specialty. Have you ever wondered what would make your organization much healthier, stronger and profitable? In any organization, regardless of size, your biggest asset is your people. Invest in those you trust and depend on to produce your brand, services or product