What our Clients are Saying

“Phillip helped to get our team moving in the right direction. We’re now seeing our sales increase and growth moving in the right direction.”-  Nelson Boren, President, Fitness 1440 Nashville

“Anyone who missed your course, missed about $5000 worth of knowledge. It was invaluable.” – John Mickner, CEO, Universal Health Advisors

“Phillip helped our group dramatically! He helped us remember our “why” and coached us on how to be better versions of ourselves.” – Nick Beehan, Branch Manager, First Liberty Mortgage Mutual

“Three significant lessons I learned was; to implement a growth strategy plan, stretch to increase production and push myself toward what will result in better results.” – Team member of First Liberty Mortgage Mutual

“Phillip puts personal and career growth into perspective. Refocused me on priorities that will help me reach beyond old goals. Practical personal and skills training.” – Team member of First Liberty Mortgage Mutual

“Phillip showed me how to reach outside my self-limiting beliefs.” – Workshop Attendee 

“I rate Phillip a 10 because he is such a professional in teaching each series. He made me really reflect on my future goals and what I would like to accomplish.” – Stacie Crawford, Trainer at Fitness 1440 Nashville 

“Well worth waking up and getting started at 6am. Phillip was great!”- Workshop Attendee 

“If I learned one thing from Phillip, it’s that there is always room for improvement, that is Success!” -Philip Schaefer, Vice President of Xerox.